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Suspended Ceilings

A Suspended Ceiling is a secondary ceiling, hung below a main (structural) ceiling. The ceiling is designed using a metal grid system with drop in tiles.  Both the grid and tiles are available in varying sizes and colours, to accommodate all requirements.

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Metal Frame Ceilings

Metal frame (MF) ceilings utilise lightweight materials in an environment where a non-load bearing, solid ceiling is required. These ceilings can be completed with either a plaster skim or a tape and jointed finish, ready to receive decorations.

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Metal Stud Partitions

Metal stud partitions are suitable for any type of commercial or office building, offering a solution for dividing and defining custom-sized spaces. As an alternative to traditional masonry, stud partitions are much more easily and rapidly installed, whilst also being more lightweight and less costly than such alternatives.

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Our team has a breadth of experience installing contract flooring, with specialisation in the application of carpet and carpet tiling; laminate and wood; rubber and linoleum; vinyl, and anti-slip commercial floorings.

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