Suspended Ceilings - Metal frame Ceiling - complete interior services

Metal frame (MF) ceilings utilise lightweight materials in an environment where a non-load bearing, solid ceiling is required. These ceilings can be completed with either a plaster skim or a tape and jointed finish, ready to receive decorations.


Flexibility and Regulatory Compliance

Thanks to a great degree of flexibility and variety in design, MF ceilings can be manufactured in many ways. They can fit alongside existing bulkheads and gradients, whilst offering varied elevation, or angled or curved ceiling designs, in addition to a single, traditional flat ceiling. In terms of convenience and maintenance, all electrical and plumbing infrastructure is housed within an easily-accessible ceiling void, which has access and inspection ports built into the ceiling during installation. Logistics aside, metal frame ceilings also offer the same acoustic and fire insulation properties afforded by other suspended ceilings. Noise pollution is reduced by sound absorption, whilst materials are fire retardant, adhering to UK and EU fire regulatory compliance.

This type of ceiling can be installed into an existing building, replacing older, less functional alternatives thanks to the simplicity with which they can be suspended from concrete or timber. Whether you’re working on a new build, or renovating an existing property and replacing old, worn ceilings, we can help with the selection and installation of a custom solution that could vastly improve the aesthetics and efficiency of your habitation or workspace.