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Metal stud partitions are suitable for any type of commercial or office building, offering a solution for dividing and defining custom-sized spaces. As an alternative to traditional masonry, stud partitions are much more easily and rapidly installed, whilst also being more lightweight and less costly than such alternatives. Whether you’re upgrading and re-partitioning an existing building, or refining a new design and space, there are numerous situations in which metal stud partitions can be a better choice than masonry.

The Benefits of Metal Stud Partitions

As touched on above, some of the key benefits of metal stud partitions are their lightweight nature and the speed with which they can be installed. However, the benefits extend further, with the walls offering a high degree of sound insulation, enhancing the ability to create soundproof office spaces. These partitions also adhere to the strength requirements of BS 5234, whilst offering from 30 to 120 minutes’ worth of fire resistance in the event of a contained fire starting within the partitioned space.

In addition to their noise and fire resistance properties, these partitions are also impacting and moisture resistant. This makes them the perfect choice for use in busy environments such as schools, offices and healthcare settings, or in areas where hygiene and resistance to humidity are important, such as kitchens and bathrooms.

Metal stud partitions come with a variety of framing options, with stud widths including 48, 60, 70, 92 and 146mm, whilst floor and ceiling channel widths span through 50, 62, 72, 94 and 148mm. All these also accommodate for services within the partition stud cavity.

Our team is vastly experienced with installing contract flooring. We specialise in the application of carpet and carpet tiling; laminate and wood; vinyl including cap and cove perimeters; and anti-slip commercial floorings. As experienced professionals, we pride ourselves on delivering quality work within the required timescales.

We offer the most recognisable brands in flooring, including Polyflor, Altro, Karndean, Gala, and Tarkett, but we are happy to meet any requirement you may have.

The links on the Home Page will guide you to the available colour swatches and data sheets for each product. If you have any questions then please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your requirements.